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Monthly Invoices - All invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Invoices may be sent by email by written request. You are responsible for all charges on your account regardless of whether you received an invoice. A grace period of thirty days will be allowed for Dark Horse to receive payment. If payment is not received a late fee will be assessed to the account. If the balance is not paid in full within 3 months, Dark Horse reserves the right to terminate services and confiscate all created works.

Approved Designs - All approved layouts for use in design are to be billed at the current rate, whether or not they are actually used it the final design of the site. All billing shall be governed by the Dark Horse billing policy.

Communication - All requests for work as well as notification of any change in services must be made in writing or emailed to Dark Horse. Requests made by phone must be accompanied by a written request. All requests must be made by the account holder from their email or address. If the primary contact of an account is to be changed, a written request must be received by Dark Horse before the new contact may make work requests.

Payment - Payment may be sent as Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order. You must print your Dark Horse Account number on your check. A Service fee of $20.00 plus all bank fees will be assessed for all returned checks.

Cancellation - If you wish to cancel any of your services, we must receive notice in writing. All balances must be paid before canceling any service. We are not responsible for charges as a result of not receiving a cancellation notice.

Questions - Any questions regarding an invoice should be emailed immediately to our billing department. Dark Horse is not responsible for late charges as a result of unpaid invoices.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy, please contact us.


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